Have you ever been to the river on your canoe without a net with you, although I have never cast a net to catch fishes before but I have seen people that said something like they forget to take their NET with them, even one of them said something like “Although I didnt go with my NET but I manage to use my hand to catch three fishes.” 

Since then I used to call the man “three Fish manager” whenever I went to my village every New Year.

Lets be realistic, I know you will see it as a funny story but when you look at it deep from the buttom of your heart you will understand what I am trying to say.

The truth is that living close to the river does not guaranty you unlimited fishes, but no matter what, you are still going to have some fishes to eat. what about if you are palnning to go on commercial?, I mean if you want to start making money with it. you cant keep catching three fishes per day, how much will they cost, the truth is you will definetely need a NET. That will enable you to catch more fishes, if not you are going nowhere.

Although Facebook and some other social media site are like a river place to promote services but without blogging (NET) it is in fact a joke, a big joke. I am not saying that without blogging you cant make it as a Business owner, you will definetely make it.

Compare blog as a flyers with use in promoting our business, you cant do with flyers, because no matter how good you are in your fields people will still want to read it on paper, but thank God that technology is growing at a faster, instead of Flyers, you can reach out to many people with your personal website (BLOG), the most amazing part is that you can edit the content of your site.

It is very easy to create, Blogging doesnt take a long time, what you really need is to connect your system to the Internet, and sign up to any blog provider website (like WordPress, Blogger) etc, without a stress.

it is free of charge: creating a blog is absolutely free of charge, no cost of usage, once you sign up the remaining thing is yours.

it can be created within 15 minutes: Blog is as easy as casting a NET to the river within some minute you will see a lot of fishes smiling at you

Unlimited Customers: it can reach out to millions of people all around the world thereby promoting yourself and your product

fact is having a facebook account doesnt the truth is that you might add many people as your friends, yet non of them will order for your service or your product.

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Social Media Sites a river of Customers

Wait, let me ask you this question. How many fish can you catch in a River. If you got the answer if can give me the answer on the comment box.

Sometimes Last year, I was opportuned to go to a river in my village with some fishermen, including two guys, so we went on canoe.

It was fun and weird because it was the first time i have ever travelled on canoe, When we have reached some lenght the fishermen cast their net on the river, after some time they drag it up and what I saw was very astonishing, I couldnt count the number of fishes that was inside the net, infact the river was a place for fishes.

When we are helding back home someone made a statement that insprires me he said “There can never be a place that we produce this kind of fishes except river”, with this statement I was very confused then, I remember that I said something like “What about Ponds. are they not the same”, they all look at me and started laughing and mocking, on of them told me a story of how he went to the neighbouring village pond hoping to catch as many fishes as he want, unfortunately, he couldnt get what he expected.

In one word there are limited fishes in Ponds while on the River they are Unlimited.

Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more are longer a new things in our environment, because I belief that anybody that surf the internet will definetely have any of it either facebook account or the other, in fact some people have two or more than two account. well I dont know when facebook has turn to a slice bread, but for those that doesnt know anything on about it, or let me said those that have just started using Facebook is a social media site that Facebook is a social Network website that is operated and privately owned by facebook inc. since september 2006, anyone over the age of 13 can easily sign up. It is recognise and used in mostly all over the world.

 Many people use facebook as a means to chat with friends, childrens, co workers that are far or near them.the funniest part of it is that many people think that it it meant for those that are idle or those that doesnt have valuable things to do than to just waste their time browsing.

It is no surprise that facebook is now used as a marketing tools by professionals in every fields to promote their services and their product to customers all around the globe. in fact many they have now seen Facebook as a Market place, where one can show your

 Using facebook as a marketing tools is a great development to ones business because it enables us to reach out to unlimited people that need our services and our products. All you need to do is to sign up for free and it is very easy.

Do you have idea of the number of people that register on a daily basis?, you can work it out, just take your pen and do the working.

Hoo sorry, one more thing incase you never know, for you to market effectively on facebook, you will need A personal website that will act as your NET in catching Fishes.

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Important of Facebook

According to Wikipedia Facebook is a social Networking website that is operated and privately owned by Inc. since September 2006. It is rated among the top 3 social media in the world, it has over 15 million user all around the world. It is very easy to use and anyone over the age of 13 can have Facebook account. It is recognized and used in mostly all over the world,

It is no doubt that Facebook now referred to as a bridge connecting people all over the world together. Presently over 250,000 people are using it in Nigeria and the number is increasing on daily basis. Imagine the number of people that signed in every day in Nigeria.

Recently, I have a friend of mine that have traveled for quite a long time, we couldn’t contact ourselves, so, I decided to search for him on Facebook, and luckily for me I found him on Facebook and add him as a friend. Since then we have been contacting ourselves at least once in a week.

Also some years ago, I heard that a mother lost his child, so after many years of searching for him using some means he decided to use Facebook and he succeeded in finding his long lost child.

Apart from these, Businessmen are now making use of Facebook to contact their business associates and Customers. Even some Organizations are using it for conference.

Although there are many local sites now that are competing with it but the fact is that it will take time before any one of these sites can beat them. Don’t be surprise if you see some schools giving lectures to their students on Facebook.

Who kows what the figure will be in the next 5 years.

Reward for keeping Customers for life

It is my previlege to post this topic because most of us Marketers dont know what it takes to be an effective marketer, instead of keeping the few customers we have we prefer chasing and changing customers.

Customers gathers where they benefits and depart when they do not see any benefits.

One monday monday, sometimes last Two months my mother asked me this question ”why do the ant gather where there is sugar and scatter when there is water” I look at my mother with a smile and give him this remarkably questions “because they benefit from sugar compare to water”.

take a look at this example will understand what I mean;
Last Four year when i was working as a graphic designer in a business center with my BOSS, there was a man who also owns a business center, so we are in the same compound, giving the same service to people. After some months of working together we reslised that our sales is becoming more booming,and we are having much customer every blessed days,

One day our competitor came to our office with some force and accused us of stealing, when my boss asked what he had stolen, the Policemen asked our competitops what my Boss had stolen from him, to everybody surprise he said my boss had stolen almost all his customers, that is ridiculous said my Boss, the policemen ere very Shocked and surprised to such acussation, but they couldn’t do anything, than to tell my boss that he have to follow them to the station for some questioning.

Luckily for my Boss, there was one of his customers that left our competitors and sign up to our service. when the man heard about the charge laid upon my Boss, he rushed out and joined the controversy. the first moment our competitor saw his former customer, he was very shocked and asked why his CUSTOMER left him and seek fro solution else where. To my agreement his CUstomer said “SATISFACTION” he wasnt satisfy with what our competitors were giving him, THE SERVICE IS TOO POOR, very poor.

Most Marketers, Business Owners think that the Greatest asset is MACHINERY, STOCK and some other items and they failed to realised that the GREATEST ASSET is their CUSTOMER, without the ccustomers there cant be a company, and company are established to render service to the CUSTOMERS

Customers should be well taken care , they are like ANTS, where there is Sugar, they will always be there, that is the same thing as CUSTOMERS where there is good service they will always be there, the most amazing part of it is that they will be advertising for you, by bringing their friends to you that will be your best CUSTOMERS for life

here are something that we need to do to amke our customers addicted to us:

1 Always be very happy with them no matter the stress they put you to,always be happy with them, you can actually make some Jokes with them be a socialiser person.

2. Always take their problem very Personal, dont do it as if you are forced to do it, if it requires you to go a thousand mile to solve you customers problems, please go your business sake.

3. You can also update them on Ideas,Informations that will make positive effects on their life.

4. You can also give them after sales services like: Brading, Offering Money Back- Guaranty and many other ways to make your customers like you.

5. Be truthful, do not disappoint your Customers, if you cant make it at the appointed time you and tour customers have set call him before he loss his interest on you.

6. Treat them as your Family, dont treat them as a strangers, you can share tips, Story even meal with them.

7. Always give them what they want, not what you want.

8. Do not over charge them, instead you can give them bonus and some other things like giving them CALENDAR, MUBS, BIRO etc.

Doing this to your customers will not only make your customers like you but it will make your customers come back for more and they will always reward you your generosity.